We care about your

The information we collect

- Searches & Favorites - We collect information from your searches and favorites to facilitate your search for the perfect home.

- Professionals Details - We gather details of the professionals using our services as to make sure they are trustworthy.

How we use the information

- Searches & Favorites - We use this information to create statistics about the market, and to know which areas are most active and which are least active.

- Saved searches - If you decide to save a specific search, you will receive emails with new properties meeting that criteria.

How we share the information

- Searches & Favorites - If you decide to work with a representative, we will pass on your research and favorites to the professional, to facilitate the search for the ideal home.

- Connecting with professionals - If you want to connect with any professional on our platform, we will transmit the data provided to the chosen professional.

- Payments - By making a payment in our platform, we send your data to a third party, responsible for the operation, for security reasons.