Legal Notice

The user, before visiting, using or browsing LEAD Marketplace, must read and accept the general conditions.

The use of the various functionalities of this website, its subdomains and applications, presupposes the adhesion and express acceptance of the terms and conditions provided below, in spite of the privacy policy and cookie policy.

In accordance with these terms and conditions, user quality is acquired by the mere use of any service available on this website, regardless of prior registration or not.

The use of certain services may be dependent on the user's prior registration, for which it will be necessary to read the information provided on data protection.

It is considered a user whether the customer looking for our services or the real estate agent who wants to collaborate in making our services available.

If you do not agree with the general terms and conditions of use, you should stop using the website, its subdomains and applications.

LEAD Marketplace reserves the right, at any time, to change the terms and conditions of use, which is why the user is advised to proceed with its analysis prior to any use.

1. Pre-contractual information:

LEAD Marketplace informs its users about the following aspects:

a) Identity of the service provider, including name, business name or company name, physical address where he is established, telephone number and email address, if any, in order to allow the consumer to contact him and communicate with that quickly and effectively;

b) When applicable, the physical address and identity of the professional acting on behalf of or on behalf of the service provider;

c) The physical address of the professional's commercial establishment, in case it differs from the address communicated under the terms of the previous paragraphs and, if applicable, the physical address of the professional on whose behalf he acts, where the consumer can make a complaint.

d) Essential characteristics of the good or service, to the extent appropriate to the support used and the service covered by the contract;

e) That all posts published by its customers / users are their exclusive responsibility, LEAD Marketplace is not responsible for any information posted on them.

The user declares to have read and accepted the general conditions, the established by the laws of the Portuguese republic that apply to the data transmission, not to use the service for illegal activities and that the information described above is only provided by the present route, which is sufficient to prove compliance with the information duties imposed on LEAD Marketplace.

2. Definitions:

For the purposes of applying the provisions provided for in these terms and conditions, the meaning to be attributed to each of the following definitions is clarified:

- Advertiser: person, natural or legal, with full legal capacity to promote and / or conclude transactions related to the property that intends to advertise, in accordance with Portuguese law, that has been registered on the website, its subdomains and applications and intends to publish at least one announcement of the offer of a transaction related to the referred good;

- Professional Advertiser: an individual acting as a trader or professional or a legal person offering goods to consumers through online intermediation services for purposes related to their commercial or professional activity;

- User: natural or legal person who accesses the website, its subdomains and applications, whether registered or not;

- Consumer: a natural person who acts for purposes that are not included in the scope of his commercial, industrial, craft or professional activity;

-Ad: a purchase or sale proposal published on the website, its subdomains and applications, under the terms established in these terms and conditions.

3. General rules of use:

3.1. Access and use of the website, its subdomains and applications:

This website provides an online service that corresponds to a real estate platform that connects real estate agents and other services related to the real estate market to clients who are interested in buying real estate or entering into another type of business with the object of real estate or activities related to the acquisition of buildings.

In effect, the objective of the online platform is to distribute information about properties suitable for sale, lease, exchange, goodwill and other businesses of the same nature, as well as to disclose and promote their respective characteristics and conditions, including the respective price, as well as to promote related services. with the real estate market.

The user who visits the website can access and read all the content contained therein, without the need to register personal data or information.

The user will thus be able to receive updates and information about the services and properties available, if he has previously accepted in the respective registration or form submitted to communication for that purpose.

The user can post information on the online platform regarding his services and properties and accepts that all properties submitted on the platform are placed in advertisements for marketing, being responsible for any type of information or documentation that he submits on the website for which he assumes full responsibility. by any effect of the same emerging.

The user accepts, as a condition of the use of this website, that all properties published on it can be sold by other real estate agents, users of this website, in partnership with the user.

The user accepts that other real estate agents appear on his properties, without any right over them, only for the purposes of agent advertising.

The user is solely responsible for the existence and disclosure on the website of the number of the energy efficiency certificate of the property he is disclosing. The user is aware of the mandatory existence of an energy efficiency certificate for the sale of the property.

The user accepts that Lead Marketplace inserts its watermark in all advertising materials placed by the user on its website. These materials include all photographs posted by the user referring to the properties he wishes to disclose.

The user accepts that information available on the website be collected, used and shared, so that it is possible to track the properties subject to the search parameters.

LEAD Marketplace may use the information related to the properties provided by the user to carry out evaluations, price reports, statistical reports and other content related to the real estate market. This information can also be used after the respective ads are removed from the online platform.

LEAD Marketplace has the exclusive right, at all times, to suspend, partially or totally, access to the online platform, especially in management, maintenance, repair, alteration or modernization operations and to close, definitively or temporarily, partially or totally, at any time, the website.

3.2. Restrictions on the use of the website, its subdomains and applications:

This website, or any of our services, must not be used:

• For illicit purposes or that may contradict the terms and conditions provided for herein;

• For any reason or purpose that is illegal, defamatory, offensive, harmful, abusive, invasive of another's privacy or objectionable;

• In a way that may offend others or harm the LEAD Marketplace, namely, send or make available any illegal, false, misleading, threatening, malicious, abusive, defamatory, injurious, invasive privacy, harmful, objectionable content or even that may adversely affect the LEAD Marketplace image or activity;

• In a way that could harm or interrupt this website or any of our services, or the peaceful use by other users;

• To interfere or interrupt the networks connected to the service;

• To transmit viruses or other malicious code that may damage or disturb the computer equipment or system (hardware or software) or telecommunications equipment;

• To promote any type of commercial activity, or to send or make available information or content that belongs to third parties and that they do not have the right to use, for example, content protected by third party copyright or content that contains third party personal data .

• For use, transfer, distribution of available services so that you can compete unfairly with the LEAD Marketplace, recognizing that the service was designed and developed by the LEAD Marketplace;

• To copy, reproduce, recompile, disassemble, perform reverse engineering activities, distribute, publish, show, execute, modify, import, perform derivative works, transmit or explore parts of the services.

• To modify the content for later use, in violation of these terms and conditions;

• For the use of copyright, services or trademarks of LEAD Marketplace or third parties, in order to create the impression of which such marks or rights belong to them, are associated or authorized by those entitled to them;

In general, the user must use the site in a responsible, prudent and careful manner, and must not disturb or damage its continuity or integrity. The user acknowledges that the service was developed and designed by LEAD Marketplace.

3.3. Information and contents of the website, its subdomains and applications:

The advertisement is prepared by the user-advertiser, the content of which is their sole and exclusive responsibility. Each ad must only advertise a property and must respect the terms and conditions of the service contemplated here. However, such content and information are indicative only and may not be correct or completely up to date. The offer relating to a property advertised by the user-advertiser does not require the completion of the respective transaction, the price being due to the LEAD Marketplace regardless of whether the transaction is completed or not.

LEAD Marketplace reserves the right to move, change, delete the website, or the content of the website (including the content of registered users, if applicable), at any time and for any reason.

Once you have uploaded the content, you can choose to delete it at any time.

If you wish to report your concerns regarding any information or content available on this site, please send an email directly to leadmarketplace.eu@gmail.com

3.4. Adverts:

3.4.1. Mandatory content and guidelines:

The advertisement is prepared by the user-advertiser, the content of which is their sole and exclusive responsibility.

Each ad must only advertise a property and must respect the terms and conditions of the service contemplated here.

The offer relating to a property advertised by the user-advertiser does not require the completion of the respective transaction, the price being due to the LEAD Marketplace regardless of whether the transaction is completed or not.

The images published in the advertisement cannot contain advertising, contacts or images of people.

In the case of an advertisement whose advertiser is a real estate agency or a real estate consultant, under the terms and for the purposes set out in Law No. 15/2013, of February 8, in the current version, the advertisement must contain the trade name and the number of the respective real estate mediation license, being obliged to comply with all the legal requirements required for the exercise of that activity, and this information must be visible in the advertisements to ensure the transparency and security of user-consumers.

3.4.2. Changes:

The user-advertiser can, at any time, edit his active ads, through his reserved area, being only prevented from changing the advertised property.

The advertiser user can, at any time, delete his ads, through his reserved area.

3.4.3. LEAD Marketplace dissemination and ad rights:

LEAD Marketplace reserves the right to advertise and disseminate the content of the advertisements published on the website through advertising and marketing to promote the portal on other electronic platforms, on mobile applications, websites, social networks and blogs.

LEAD Marketplace may suspend or withdraw any advertisement that does not comply with the required guidelines or that in any way impairs the normal functioning of the online platform.

LEAD Marketplace has the right to exclude any user, be it an advertiser or a consumer, in case of violation of the terms and conditions of the service.

LEAD Marketplace reserves the right to insert its watermark in all promotional materials placed by the user on its website. These materials include all photographs posted by the user referring to the properties he wishes to disclose.

4. Special rules of use:

4.1. Paid services:

LEAD Marketplace makes available to its user-advertisers some paid services, namely:

- Announcement of properties raised by the user-advertiser;

- Announcement of featured properties;

- Advertise the properties in a shop window;

- Urgent property listing;

- Announcement of related services.

Subscription to these services is only available through the LEAD Marketplace website, subdomains and applications.

LEAD Marketplace will not refund the amounts paid for the services provided, save in case of proven system failure.

5. Phishing alerts:

Phishing is a form of online identity theft. It can consist of any type of fraud, which can result in the loss of personal data (eg credit card numbers, bank account data, authentication and passwords, etc.), almost always with a view to obtaining gains and economic advantages The purpose of these communications is to direct the user to a fake website in order for him to provide confidential data.

Please check the elements and alerts already detected that we show you here, before clicking on any communication from LEAD Marketplace that seems suspicious.

Knowledge and recognition of fraudulent emails and phishing scams is very important to protect yourself from scams and associated crimes.

5.1. Characteristics of fraudulent communication:

• Grammatical errors: grammatical errors and the excessive use of exclamation points;

• Spelling Errors: Words spelled incorrectly;

• Sense of Urgency: Alarming messages asking for immediate action;

• Unexpected Orders: An order in an attempt to obtain money, financial information (for example: bank account numbers or payment cards);

• Communication failures: An email that does not provide an alternative method for communicating the requested information (ie, telephone, mail or physical locations);

• Fraudulent Link: Links that appear to direct you to a known and secure website, but in reality, refer you to another potentially fraudulent location.

• Request for payment by email: A request to obtain a payment via email.

• Link with fake URL: An email that shows a copy of our platform to try to deceive users. You should always check the URL.

5.2. How to prevent:

• Be suspicious of any e-mail or text message that references urgent requests to provide personal or financial information (financial institutions and credit card companies do not normally use e-mail to confirm a customer's information);

• If you are suspicious of the true origin of the entity that sent you a suspicious email, contact the “real” one through your official contacts, consulting a telephone directory;

• Never send personal or financial information by e-mail;

• Avoid accessing links that are indicated in a suspicious email;

• Get in the habit of confirming the address of official sites with those that are referenced in emails from untrusted sources;

• Regularly update your computer's protection with antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall programs;

• Be aware of the fact that companies and entities (eg banks, insurance companies, etc.) provide advice to their customers in order to better protect themselves against phishing actions;

• Check your bank account, credit and debit regularly to make sure everything is in order.

5.3. How to react:

If you receive SMS, emails or other forms that you believe represent a phishing scam, through which you are asked for private data or the payment for unexpected services, you must:

• Do not download attachments;

• Do not access links;

• Delete received SMS or emails;

• Make sure you are accessing an authorized LEAD Marketplace website, use the website directly instead of a link included in another source;

• Get in touch with your bank and report what happened;

• Report the facts to the Security Forces, or to the Public Ministry.

5.4. Use of Hyperlinks / Links / Framing

The content of this website may include hyperlinks to other websites that are not operated by the LEAD Marketplace, which is not responsible for the content of any other website, including those that allow access to the present or whose access has been obtained through this website.

The user cannot make connections or perform framing on this website without the express approval of the LEAD Marketplace.

Restrictions on the link to the main page of this website, without wishing to limit everything that is defined in the conditions of use, the user can establish a link from his website to the main page of the website www.leadmarketplace.eu, provided that he previously warns by email with proof of receipt to the email: leadmarketplace.eu@gmail.com

6. Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

The user is aware and accepts that all rights on all content on this website, including text, software, content, photographs, audiovisual and graphic material are protected in favor of the LEAD Marketplace or have been properly licensed in favor of it.

Also the brands, logos and symbols, as well as the layout and structure of the website are owned by LEAD Marketplace or have been duly licensed in favor of it.

The user is not authorized to transmit, publish, modify, copy, sell, use or distribute, in any way, the texts, images or other information contained in this website or in part of the website without the prior written authorization of LEAD Marketplace, undertaking to inform you immediately and in writing if you become aware of the unauthorized use of its services by third parties or in violation of your rights.

The use of brands and logos on this website, as well as the availability of materials on the website, do not grant, nor can they be interpreted as granting, permission to the user to use, directly or indirectly, such marks, logos or materials, recognizing the user who does not have any property rights over services and trademarks.

The user authorizes the reproduction, distribution, communication and publication of the photographs advertised for the dissemination of advertising content, as well as the placement of watermarks from the LEAD Marketplace, in order to prevent these photographs from being used by unauthorized third parties.

The user also agrees to protect any copyright and related rights of the LEAD Marketplace during and after the term of this agreement and to comply with all requests made to protect their legitimate rights.

7. Rights reserved

The user does not acquire rights or licenses in relation to the services or any element thereof, except the right to use the services in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions set forth herein.

All present and future rights are reserved for the exclusive use of LEAD Marketplace, namely any and all rights associated with business information and secrets, know-how and intellectual property rights.

The user may not copy or use the service for any use other than that provided for and authorized under the terms and conditions contemplated herein.

8. Responsibility

The user declares to have knowledge and to accept that the use of the service is at his own responsibility, being made available under the terms presented without guarantee of suitability for the user's objectives.

LEAD Marketplace is not responsible for any loss or damage or other consequences arising from accessing or using this website, its subdomains and applications, or any information contained therein.

By accessing the contact area, the user will be accepting that the information provided, through that contact, will be held by LEAD Marketplace, who will be able to use it under the terms he deems most appropriate, with no right under any circumstances. or payment to you for such use.

The user undertakes, in particular, to:

- Providing your personal data in a true, complete and updated way;

- Keep the access data to your registration on the Site and the Application confidential and use only the registration that you are the holder of, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with that same registration, even if performed by third parties, with your authorization;

- Fulfill your payment obligations on time so that the Services are provided to you;

-Adopt only behaviors that do not violate the current legal order or in any way harm protected legal situations;

- To guide its performance in the use of the website and respective applications by adopting cordial and urban behavior in dealing with other users and before the LEAD Marketplace;

- Do not assign your contractual position to third parties, without our prior written authorization;

- Inform us in a timely and diligent manner of the occurrence of any and all events that may harm or prevent the timely and timely fulfillment of any of the obligations arising from these terms and conditions.

Nothing in these terms and conditions of use excludes, restricts or modifies any right or remedy, or any warranties, or any other term or condition, implied or imposed by any legislation that cannot be legally excluded or limited.

8.1. Exclusions

LEAD Marketplace does not guarantee that:

- The service is compatible with the user's hardware or software, even if the service does not contain errors, viruses, worms or trojans (trojans) and is not responsible for damage caused by these destructive elements.

- The accuracy, completeness, usefulness or suitability of any other services on the internet, services, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the service;

- The accuracy or continuous availability of telephone lines and equipment that the user uses to access the service.

The user acknowledges that LEAD Marketplace, its legal representatives, directors, employees, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assigns, as well as its agents will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, to the user or to any other person for:

- Direct and indirect damages, whether caused, through negligence or not, by LEAD Marketplace, by its workers, freelancers hired by the company, agents, suppliers or people who are related to the service, LEAD Marketplace is not responsible for any loss of benefits, losses in general, indirect or collateral damage, nor the consequent filing of legal actions against LEAD Marketplace by third parties, namely, caused by the use or inability to use the service or any link or element in the service, such as emerging damages and lost profits ;

- Failures, discrepancies, omissions, delays or other errors in the service caused by your computer or by using the service on the same computer. The content of other sites on the internet, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the service are not administered or controlled by LEAD Marketplace. LEAD Marketplace is therefore not responsible for the availability, content or accuracy of other websites, services or goods that may be linked to or advertised on the service;

- Any kind of damage that may be due to transmission, dissemination, storage, availability, reception, obtaining or accessing services and, in particular, even if not exclusively, due to the damage that may be due to: (a) non-compliance with the law, morals and generally accepted good manners or public order as a result of obtaining, using or accessing services; (b) infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, industrial secrets, contractual commitments of any kind, rights to honor, personal and family privacy and the image of people, property rights belonging to a third party, such as consequence of the misuse of services; (c) the performance of acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising as a result of the use of the services; (d) the inadequacy, for any kind of purpose, and of defrauding the expectations generated by the services; (e) non-compliance, delay in performance, defective performance or termination, for any reason, of the obligations contracted by third parties and contracts entered into with third parties, through, or for reasons of access to services.

- Delays, errors, omissions or interruptions in the transmission of the service;

- The accuracy, completeness, use or suitability of any other services on the internet, services, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the service;

- For the communications that take place between users, nor for the agreements that they reach as a result of the offers that appear on the website.

- For the information included in the real estate offer in question. The information in question, regarding the purchase / sale, lease, transfer and other business on property rights, will be made available to buyers in the stores of the respective real estate agencies or will be provided directly by the owners of the properties.

- For the existence of mortgages, liens, credits or any other charges that may affect the properties advertised.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, all warranties, express or implied, charges, representations and other terms and conditions of any kind related to this website not contained in these terms and conditions are expressly excluded.

The user declares to be aware and to accept that access to the services and content of other sites, services, goods or advertisements may be canceled at any time.

8.2. Contracting with third parties through the LEAD Marketplace:

The user is aware and accepts that any contractual or non-contractual relationship that he formalizes with the user-advertisers or third parties contacted through the online services provided by the LEAD Marketplace is understood to be carried out, solely and exclusively, between the user-client and the user / advertiser. and / or third person, aLEAD Marketplace having no liability whatsoever for damages or losses of any kind caused by its negotiations, talks and / or contractual or non-contractual relationships with advertisers or third parties, whether physical or legal, contacted.

LEAD Marketplace undertakes to endeavor to verify the veracity of the data provided by the owners of the properties advertised on the website, as well as the data of the agencies and promoters of said properties.

However, LEAD Marketplace is not responsible for the information included in the real estate offer in question and does not guarantee the total reliability of the data mentioned, since they may contain inaccurate and incorrect information, the prices and the rest of the information announced being merely informative.

The information in question, regarding the purchase / sale and rental of houses, will be made available to the user-client in the stores of the respective real estate agencies or will be provided directly by the owners of the properties

LEAD Marketplace provides the advertiser user with sufficient means to comply with his obligation to inform about the energy efficiency of the advertised property. Thus, the user-advertiser is solely responsible for compliance with this legal obligation and any other inherent to the veracity and conformity of the advertisement, namely with regard to the legitimacy, nature and characteristics of the advertised real estate.

8.3. Limits:

In the event of competing responsibilities, a party's liability to another party is adjusted to the extent that the acts or omissions of the other party or a third party have contributed to that responsibility.

The total liability of LEAD Marketplace may not, in any case, exceed the amount paid by the user to access the services in question.

8.4. Unlawful acts

LEAD Marketplace, in case it becomes aware of possible scams or crimes that are being committed through its online services, will proceed in compliance through a complaint and will actively collaborate with the criminal police and other competent authorities. requested.

9. Right of free withdrawal:

The user has the right to terminate the contract without incurring any costs, in addition to those established in paragraph 3 of article 12 and in article 13 of DL no. 24/2014, of 14 February, when where applicable, and without the need to state the reason, within 14 days from the day of conclusion of the contract.

9.1. Exercise and effects of the right of free withdrawal

The user can exercise his right of free resolution by sending the “Free resolution” model in Annex B, or by any other unambiguous declaration of termination of the contract.

The statement in which the consumer communicates, in his own words, the decision to terminate the contract, namely by letter, by telephone, by returning the goods or by another means susceptible of proof, is considered unequivocal.

It is up to the user to prove that he exercised the right of free resolution, under the terms of DL no. 24/2014, of 14 February.

The exercise of the right of free termination extinguishes the obligations of performance of the contract and all the effectiveness of the contractual proposal, when the user has made such a proposal.

9.2. Provision of services during the period of free resolution

Whenever the user wants the provision of the service to start during the free resolution period indicated above, LEAD Marketplace may require the user to submit an express request through long-term support.

If the user exercises the right of free withdrawal, after having submitted the request provided for in the preceding paragraph, an amount proportional to what was actually provided up to the moment of the communication of the resolution must be paid to LEAD Marketplace in relation to the set of services provided for in the contract , calculated based on the total contract price.

9.3. Exceptions to the right of free withdrawal

The user cannot freely terminate contracts for:

a) Provision of services, when:

i) The services have been fully provided after the user's prior express consent, in cases where the provision of services occurs during the period of free resolution;

ii) The user acknowledges that he / she loses the right of free withdrawal if the contract has been fully executed by the professional in that case;

b) Supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in financial market rates that the supplier of goods or service provider cannot control and which may occur during the period of free resolution.

10. Representations and warranties

The user declares and warrants that: (i) he / she has the legal capacity to accept these terms and conditions; (ii) is at least eighteen years old; (iii) will not use any rights granted by the LEAD Marketplace for unlawful purposes; (iv) and will use your services only in the manner set forth in the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The user expressly consents to send unsolicited communications through the use of remote communication techniques, under the terms of Law No. 46/2012, of 29 August.

11. Resolution:

11.1. The parties have the right to terminate the contract whenever there is a situation of definitive non-compliance with the contractually provided for obligations, without prejudice to the provisions of the following paragraph.

11.2. No penalties can be imposed on the LEAD Marketplace, nor is there a non-compliance with the non-performance of contractual services in charge of any of the parties resulting from events that are beyond its reasonable control, considered as a cause of force majeure, being understood as such are the circumstances that make it impossible to perform, outside the will of the affected party, which it could not know or predict at the date of acceptance of this contract and whose effects it was not reasonably required to circumvent or avoid.

11.3. The causes of force majeure include any act, occurrence, lack of exercise, omission or accident that is beyond the reasonable control of the company, namely, and among others: strikes, lock-outs and other claims measures; sabotages, riots, civil unrest, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (declared or not) and threat of war preparations; fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or any other natural disaster; impossibility of using trains, boats, airplanes, motor transport or other means of transport or communication, public or private; impossibility of using public or private telecommunications systems; acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government or public authority; international embargoes or blockages, injunctive government or administrative orders.

11.4. LEAD Marketplace's contractual obligations will be suspended for as long as the cause of major force remains and determines the extension of the deadlines for compliance with contractual obligations affected by the period corresponding to the impediment resulting from major force.

12. Compensation and right of action and defense:

The user agrees to indemnify, defend and assist LEAD Marketplace and its legal representatives, workers, service providers and other third parties related to it, against any claim, denunciation, lawsuit or other legal proceeding initiated against aLEAD Marketplace, either directly or indirectly, if those procedures result from or are related to the services made available by or through the LEAD Marketplace.

The user agrees to bear all costs and losses arising or related to these procedures.

13. Termination:

The parties may, at any time, terminate their relationship, without prior notice, for non-compliance with the terms and conditions provided herein, in which case the user will no longer have access to and use the service and must destroy all material collected through it, without prejudice to the liability arising from the breach of contract.

14. Partial nullity:

Should any of these provisions be declared null and void by a definitive resolution of a competent authority, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in force, without being affected by such declaration of nullity.

15. Data Protection:

15.1. The company will collect, store and process customer data by imposing compliance with legal obligations and for the execution and management of the contractual relationship, and also because the user gives his consent, and the company can perform this processing externally to third parties that act jointly, name or on behalf of the company.

15.2. The user declares that the personal data provided to the company are true and correct, being responsible for communicating any changes to them.

15.3. The user has the right to exercise the rights of access, rectification, elimination, limitation and opposition to the treatment and portability of the data, and also the right to withdraw consent at any time, without compromising the lawfulness of the treatment carried out based on compliance legal obligations or based on prior consent; and also the right to complain about the processing of data under legal terms, and for that purpose, direct the respective request to the email leadmarketplace.eu@gmail.com

15.4. The user accepts the legal provisions regarding the transmission of data obtained by the service.

16. Communications between the parties and the Agreed Domicile:

16.1. The communications that take place between the parties must be made to the addresses listed in the identification of the parties which are expressly agreed as the parties' domicile for the due legal effects.

16.2. The parties undertake to reciprocally communicate any change in the address agreed in the previous number, within a maximum period of 10 (ten) days following the supervenience, under penalty of such change being unavoidable to the counterparty.

17. Consumer Rights Conflict Resolution:

17.1. The consumer enjoys the rights provided for in Decree-Law No. 67/2003 (in the current wording) and in other applicable legislation.

17.2. Without prejudice to the rights arising from the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the consumer may address any complaints to the company through the contact details contained in this document.

17.3. In the case of a consumer conflict, the consumer should contact the professional, informing him of the existence of a problem and asking him for an answer.

17.4. If the conflict persists, the consumer must subsequently resort to an alternative means of dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation or arbitration), by contacting an entity that supports the consumer. You can consult the list of Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities (Centers of Consumer Conflict Arbitration), and the Municipal Consumer Information Centers available at the link: https://www.consumidor.gov.pt/consumidor_4/-conflitos-de-consumo.aspx

17.5. If it is a service purchased from a trader / professional you can also resolve your dispute on the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (RLL), provided the trader is established in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, through following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN

17.6. If you are a consumer resident in another Member State, you can make your complaint through the European Consumer Center, by accessing the website where you have an electronic form.

18. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction:

18.1. This contract is governed by Portuguese law.

18.2. For the resolution of all disputes arising from this contract, the jurisdiction of the Lisbon District Judicial Court is agreed between the parties, with express waiver of any other.

19. Complaints Book Digital Platform:

To exercise the right of complaint, the user has at his disposal the digital platform available at https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio

20. User acceptance of terms and conditions of use and full agreement:

The user declares to have read and accepted the general terms and conditions for the provision of services made available by or through the LEAD Marketplace on this website, its subdomains and applications, as an assumption and a precondition necessary for the use of any service,

The terms and conditions provided for herein reflect and constitute the entire agreement between the parties.